Tips for Acne-Prone Skin?


I've had trouble with acne for years. It's recently been getting better thanks to the amazing Mario Badescu Pink Drying Lotion, but I still can't do much about the scars. Do you have any advice in treating the discoloration?

Also, I'd love to hear any other advice on treating acne...I just got cysts on the cheeks due to product testing :( 

Thanks so much!!

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  • Acne is a condition and can be a rollercoaster ride. There can be triggers to acne flare, especially if you have acne-prone skin. There are various measures and treatments depending of the types of acne scarring one can have. Discoloration can include both red markings (blemishes) or darker, hyperpigmented markings that remain once the acne resolves. These are both due to inflammation from the acne. The other types of acne scars are those cause "pitting" or depressions in the skin such as ice pick scars and rolling scars.
    Which type of scars and/or discoloration do you have?
    There are topicals that can help to improve the discoloration as well as laser treatments, such as the Cutera Excel V, KTP, and Fraxel. Unfortunately for pitted scars, there are no topical treatments that prove to be effective. Resurfacing laser treatments (Ablative CO2 and Fraxel) and PRP have been proven to have the highest efficacy and patient satisfaction.
    Please let me know about your type of scarring and discoloration and I can give you more helpful tips.
    Thank you!
  • I have mostly red markings and a few darker hyperpigmented ones. I also do have some pitting but not as much as the red markings...

    If this helps, the most effective "treatment" I've used so far on my discoloration was the Origins Dr.Weil Mushroom Serum. Do you think any ingredient in this could've been effective? Also, do you recommend any OTC products?

    • Hi again! And it's our pleasure to answer any questions :)
      Sounds like the red markings are the most bothersome to you. We have some favorite products that we like recommending. One is Neocutis Peche for redness control. It contains their Rosaplex complex which consists of four main ingredients. The next is Skinceuticals Blemish and Age Defense which contains salicylic acid.
      As for Origins Dr. Weil Mushroom Serum, this may be beneficial for calming skin, especially when irritated and inflamed from acne. I (Diana) wrote a paper looking at a mushroom enzyme, the main active ingredient found in Lumixyl, a non-hydroquinone skin lightener for hyperpigmentation. It proved to be effective. So mushrooms may be a secret weapon in skincare.
      Thanks for your questions!
      • Awesome - Will look up the products and get on them. Thank you so much for your helpful, specific advice! :) 

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