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Multi-tonal Spring Lips
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Gold Eyes w/ A Lotta Lash
Winter Eyes - Part 5/5

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  • Makeup removal

    I recently started wearing a tinted moisturizer which I am not used to.  Now when washing my face I don't feel like I am getting it all off.  What is the proper technique for makeup removal on the face now that my soap is not quite doing the job? -V

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    Started by Vanessa Lennon 2 Replies · Reply by Vanessa Lennon May 5, 2014
  • Lost Toe Nail! Help!

    LDiva, help! I'm in Miami partying with my girlfriend in south beach and she lost the nail on her big toe from a mountain climbing expedition we did this summer. She's so hot, she looks amazing, but she's feeling a bit insecure in her Jimmy Choo's every night we go out since she's missing 1 of her 10 pretty little friends. I suggested a blinged-out band aid... she wants to just go "au naturale" and leave it unattended. This little piggy needs your advice... What do you think?

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    Started by J-Swags in Grooming, Nails, and Relationships 10 Replies · Reply by Sharon C Johnson Feb 20, 2014
  • The Struggle of Taking Off Lipstick

    Hey LDiva! As we all know, big occasions and holidays are all the reason to wear a bold lip to top off a festive outfit. Today, I obvi had to rock a strong red lip in honor of Christmas day, but after 12 straight hours of keeping it on, I was dying to get home and have my lips wiped clean. As always, I faced the struggle of taking my lipstick off, especially after so many dry-outs/reapplications throughout the day. Instead of using makeup remover, I use water and Vaseline to remove my makeup in…

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    Started by Jessica Angeles in Grooming and Makeup 3 Replies · Reply by Lauren Cosenza Dec 26, 2013
  • what fake lashes do you recommend for Asian eyes?

    I want to wear fake lashes that look somewhat natural.  can you recommend a brand and ways to affix so it looks natural? thanks!

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    Started by Leina Ohara in Makeup 2 Replies · Reply by GaYoung Kwon Nov 11, 2013
  • The Perfect Red Lip

    Dear L-Diva,  I always want to pull off a gorgeous red lip look but I can't ever find a shade that is appropriate for my pale skin. I always end up looking like a vampire! Are there any tricks to finding the perfect red shade for your skin tone?  Also, what IS the best way to find your skin tone? I tried the Sephora Color IQ but it didn't seem to be too accurate. <3 GaYoung

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    Started by GaYoung Kwon in Makeup and Skin 2 Replies
  • obviously LDiva knows makeup but does she know travel....

    hey LDiva...your bio says that you went to AU.   Where do you recommend staying when visiting DC?  And what can a fellow diva do in DC when the monuments & museums have been visited ad nauseum?

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    Started by Victoria in WWLD (what would Lauren do) 3 Replies


  • Help! Darkening of Upper Lip?!

    Dear Derm Duo, So about a week ago, I noticed a darker patch of skin (about the size of the top of my pinky) on the right side of my upper lip/moustache area out of the blue. I ignored it in hopes it would just disappear on its own, but now I've noticed that I need concealer to hide it every time I leave the house. (I was not exposed to the sun when I got this patch). On top of that, my entire top lip area is a bit of a shade darker now (not nearly as dark as the first patch of skin), and I'm…

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    Started by Jessica Angeles 2 Replies · Reply by Jessica Angeles Apr 22, 2014


    Vampire Facials and Facelifts

    Ok, everyone's buzzing BIGTIME so let's put it out there once and for all... 1. What is a Vampire Facial? What is a Vampire Facelift? 2. How do they differ from fillers in terms of (a) look (b) downtime post-treatment (c) length of results (d) cost and (e) safety? 3. Can you target and spot correct with Vampire methods?  4. What else should we know about this trend that's catching heat like wildfire?? Thanks for your insights in advance! XOLC

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    Started by Lauren Cosenza in Anti-Aging 3 Replies · Reply by Diana & Laura Palmisano Feb 22, 2014
  • Tips for Acne-Prone Skin?

    Hi, I've had trouble with acne for years. It's recently been getting better thanks to the amazing Mario Badescu Pink Drying Lotion, but I still can't do much about the scars. Do you have any advice in treating the discoloration? Also, I'd love to hear any other advice on treating acne...I just got cysts on the cheeks due to product testing :(  Thanks so much!!

    Read more…
    Started by GaYoung Kwon in Acne 4 Replies · Reply by GaYoung Kwon Feb 20, 2014


    Anonymous Reader Question: Topical Botox

    Dear Derm Duo, A reader who prefers to remain anonymous is asking all about topical botox... What is it? How does it work? When will it be available? Can you apply it on yourself or will you need a doctor to apply it? Will it be OTC or RX? How can you make sure the cream (if it's a cream) will stay put on just the desired area?  What can you share about this needle-free advancement?  Thanks!!

    Read more…
    Started by Lauren Cosenza in Anti-Aging and Botox 1 Reply · Reply by Diana & Laura Palmisano Dec 21, 2013
  • Skin Problemos :/

    Hi...my Q is I breakout little bumps/blemish with makeup foundation like almay..covergirl..clinique..I went to allergist but just allergic to pollen and all trees. Thankfully not allerigic to any food. Can this be just enetering adult acne or skin disorder?

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    Started by Rosalee Flores Samudio in Acne 1 Reply · Reply by Diana & Laura Palmisano Dec 14, 2013


    Q: Thermage on a 1-10 pain index?

    Celebs have been using Thermage for years but only lately has it become a household phrase. Who would benefit from Thermage and honestly, how bad does it hurt? Could you rank it on a 10-index? Compare it to a pain most people know (like touching a hot iron)? Or is it totally unique to the person (and their pain meds cocktail)??

    Read more…
    Started by Lauren Cosenza in Thermage 1 Reply · Reply by Diana & Laura Palmisano Dec 9, 2013

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